About Us

Discover Known Magazine, your gateway to the forefront of global affairs and innovation. Launched in 2020, Known Magazine stands as a beacon of insightful journalism, delving into economic news, renewable energy, geo-politics, and exclusive features with prominent entrepreneurs. With monthly issues centered around diverse themes, we curate premium content that informs, educates, and captivates. Known Magazine is the brainchild of visionary Editor-in-Chief, Bandile Mathebula. Launched by Sibizi Media in 2020, our digital platform redefines the landscape of insightful journalism.

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With Mathebula’s decade-long expertise, we deliver premium content exploring economic news, renewable energy, geo-politics, and exclusive features with influential entrepreneurs. Published monthly under thematic umbrellas, our magazine offers a captivating blend of informative analysis and thought-provoking interviews. Dive into a world where relevance meets sophistication, where every read leaves you enriched and inspired.

Our mission is clear: to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the world’s most pressing issues while showcasing the brilliance driving change. Join us as we navigate the complexities of our time, delivering compelling narratives that resonate – where knowledge is power, and enlightenment awaits at every turn. Stay informed and stay inspired with Known Magazine.

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