TOAM Launched in Eswatini: A Revolutionary Trade Reporting Platform

GENEVA, Switzerland, February 14, 2024/ — The Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism (TOAM) Eswatini provides a way to log obstacles to trade, particularly in the service sector.-In a bid to streamline trade operations, particularly in the service sector, Eswatini has embraced the Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism (TOAM), a groundbreaking initiative by the International Trade Centre (ITC). Launched recently, TOAM Eswatini offers a digital avenue for companies to log and address obstacles hindering smooth trade processes.

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The platform, accessible through both online and mobile applications, serves as a vital link connecting businesses with key government bodies like the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade, and facilitates seamless information exchange among enterprises. Importers, exporters, and professionals engaged with international clients can now report challenges they encounter directly to the national focal point via TOAM.

Once reported, these obstacles undergo a thorough review process before a comprehensive report is compiled and submitted to the competent authority for further analysis. Notably, the authority’s response is swiftly communicated back to the Trade Department within a two-week timeframe, ensuring prompt action on trade impediments.

During the formal launch event held at Hotel Sibane on January 29th in Mbabane, Khetsiwe Dlamini, Director of the International Trade Department at the Ministry, emphasized the platform’s significance within the government’s broader digital strategy. She highlighted how TOAM facilitates efficient communication between policymakers and industries, thereby expediting the resolution of trade-related issues.

“It is through this mechanism that companies will remain up to date with information on trade rules and procedures,” remarked Dlamini, underscoring the platform’s role in promoting transparency and enhancing trade practices.

Acknowledging the support received, Dlamini expressed gratitude to the ITC and the European Union for their backing of the TOAM initiative in Eswatini. Notably, the European Union’s funding of the ITC African Trade Observatory has been instrumental in empowering TOAM, which is one of the observatory’s key activities aimed at bolstering trade data quality and accessibility.

Highlighting the platform’s global impact, ITC market analyst Vianney Lesaffre noted that TOAM has been successfully adopted by over 70 countries since its official launch in 2014. Lesaffre emphasized that TOAM’s user-friendly interface and commitment to confidentiality make it an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to navigate trade challenges effectively.

Notably, access to the TOAM platform is free, and all reports of obstacles are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Subscribers receive timely notifications regarding ongoing challenges and their corresponding solutions, ensuring continuous support for businesses in overcoming trade barriers.

With TOAM’s launch heralding a new era of transparency and collaboration in trade facilitation, Eswatini is poised to become an even more attractive destination for international trade, paving the way for enhanced economic growth and development in the region.

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